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Do you long to come alive,
and be free?

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'Waking up is an endless losing what you think you know,
like a wave of destruction that leaves nothing, but what is true.'

'Dip Your Toe In'

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Meet with Unmani

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Meeting with Unmani is meeting your True Self.

Beyond all the words, concepts, philosophies and religions, there is a simple knowing that knows it all…

This knowing is sometimes called Satsang, Non-Duality, or Awakening, but it is truly beyond all words.

‘The Teacher/Student Relationship’ Online Open Meeting

Sunday 15th October
11am BST

Join Unmani and others online every 2/3 weeks. Each Open Meeting will be on a different theme. You can just listen in, or have a dialogue with Unmani. All the sessions are recording to watch in your own time.
The teacher is an aspect of yourself that you are using to point yourself home to yourself. The teacher is not separate from you. In fact, truly there is no teacher and student, and no relationship at all. This ‘relationship’ is unlike any other relationship. It is not based in any power struggle or dependency. It is simply absolute love and trust. You see yourself in the teacher and know that whatever they do, or say is an expression of yourself pointing to yourself. This does not make the teacher super-human, divine, or beyond faults, but when you find a teacher who is most deeply in love with the truth in themselves, then you know that their deepest love is for the truth in you also. Then all their intentions, although fed through their naturally flawed humanity, will carry that love of truth and reflect that back to you.

‘Stand In The Fire’ 5 Day Intensive Retreat in Wales

Are you ready to stand in the fire, and risk losing all that isn’t true?

This Intensive Retreat is the gift to yourself that can answer your deepest longing.

Autumn Retreat: 1st to 5th November 2017


Take a risk to step into the unknown. Take fear by the hand and jump!

Wake up to your true nature as Life itself, and discover how life is lived as an effortless meditation of unfolding free-fall.

You are already the Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love that you have been longing for.

Never Not Free

February 2016 | Length: 07:18

Unmani introduces this very simple message, and points to what is the only constant knowing beyond thinking. This is a deceptively simple, yet radical way to be in the world.

Dip your toe into Unmani’s Message.

What people have said about meeting with Unmani…

‘I have attended several of Unmani’s intensives and can honestly say that each one has been phenomenal in ways that are hard to put into words; every time I come back feeling more alive. Also they are also a lot of fun; there is a lot of laughter. Unmani’s approach is very honest and she holds and nurtures the group over the course of the retreat in a way that is very special. I really can’t recommend the 10 day intensive’s enough. It is no exaggeration to say that they have changed my life.’

A. T

‘The meetings in not knowing changed something inside of me, I clearly saw that there was no “me” at times. There is something very special about coming and sitting with you and just feeling absolute simplicity and not knowing.’

T. R

‘Your eyes are a mirror to my soul. I’ve no way to express my gratitude.’

D. W

At each intensive I lose more of what I think I am.

A. R

More than any other retreat, Unmani’s intensives leave you nowhere to go but to come face to face with the truth of who you are. Her openness, honesty and generosity of spirit has touched me profoundly, and has changed the way I live and perceive my life to be. The power of this approach is phenomenal! Thank you Unmani!!

S. B

Unmani is the best teacher for me… Her simplicity is killing me.

M. B

Unmani is so earnest, direct, respectful, loving, pure and free, that there is no way to escape from the presence of what is.

O. V

Unmani reveals the mystery of life. She is revolutionary, and speaks with a freshness that touches deeply. It felt like a valuable opportunity to find myself here.

R. A

In a soft, but firm when necessary manner, Unmani guides you to open yourself to the truth of who you are. She meets each individual in a personalised way that is unique for everyone.

C. R

Want to meet with Unmani? Check out her schedule to see when she’ll be in your area.

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