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'Losing everything you think you know
is the freedom to live as you are.'
~ Unmani

Unmani's message


Join Unmani in the Alentejo, Portugal
10-Day Intensive
3rd - 13th October, 2015

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Join Unmani in the Alentejo, Portugal
10-Day Intensive
3rd - 13th October, 2015

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'Dip Your Toe In'

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Deconstructing beliefs and
protection mechanisms

Meet with Unmani

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'Dive In'

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Unmani has a passion for the truth. Do you?


FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: ‘The Disappointment of the Spiritual Search’

3-13 October   10 Day Intensive in Portugal

31 October  Open Meeting in Truth in London, UK

2-6 December ‘Stand in the Fire’ Intensive in Wales

20 December – mid February Open Meetings in Goa, India

3-5 January 2016   ‘Wake Up Call’ Intensive, Goa

3-5 February 2016    ‘Wake Up Call’ Intensive, Goa

‘Into the Core’ Intensive

in Portugal,

3rd – 13th October

Spend 10 days in the deepest self exploration in a beautiful villa near the river and the sea, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal.

‘Stand in the Fire’ Intensive

in Snowdonia,Wales

2nd – 6th December

Are you ready to stand in the fire, and risk losing all that is false?

Your Unlimited True Self

April 2013 | Length: 19:38

Unmani introduces this very simple message, and points to what is the only constant knowing beyond thinking. This is a deceptively simple, yet radical way to be in the world.

Dip your toe into Unmani’s Message.

What people have said about meeting with Unmani…

‘I have attended several of Unmani’s intensives and can honestly say that each one has been phenomenal in ways that are hard to put into words; every time I come back feeling more alive. Also they are also a lot of fun; there is a lot of laughter. Unmani’s approach is very honest and she holds and nurtures the group over the course of the retreat in a way that is very special. I really can’t recommend the 10 day intensive’s enough. It is no exaggeration to say that they have changed my life.’

‘The meetings in not knowing changed something inside of me, I clearly saw that there was no “me” at times. There is something very special about coming and sitting with you and just feeling absolute simplicity and not knowing.’

‘Your eyes are a mirror to my soul. I’ve no way to express my gratitude.’

Want to meet with Unmani? Check out her schedule to see when she’ll be in your area.